Work at height

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Certified ” MASE “(Improvement Enterprise Security Manual, reference security) since 2006, JADE has 15 years of experience in difficult access work and security systems.

The sustainability of staff ensures the quality and timeliness of work, thanks to a strong corporate culture.

Welding, electricity, cleaning, masonry, painting, roofing, zinc, expertise, pose safety systems (safety ladders, railings, anchors, lifelines …) are part of our expertise.

Qualification of operators:

• CQP rope access level 1 and 2

•  SST, N1 N2

•  CACES, Asbestos, H2X, ATEX, Aerial, Forklifts, cranes, ARI … … and different expertise relating to our business (asbestos, certified welder, COFREND Level 2, shooting explosives, painting, masonry, electrical, industrial maintenance …)