For a secure work environment compliant with current standards..

The effectiveness and safety of equipment are at the heart of concerns in any modern industry. With this in mind, Réseau-Jade offers specialized services in the verification and maintenance of essential safety equipment such as PPE, lifelines, anchors, and ladders, whether fixed or mobile.

PPE Verification

  • Rigorous Inspection: Thorough examination of each piece of PPE to ensure proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.
  • Expert Advice: Expert recommendations for the selection, use, and maintenance of PPE to ensure optimal protection for your teams.

Lifelines and Anchors Inspection

  • Precise Diagnosis: Detailed assessment of lifelines and anchor points to identify any signs of wear or potential failure.
  • Compliance Assurance: A compliance service for your installations, ensuring a reliable and secure anchoring system for your height operations.

Fixed and Mobile Ladder Inspection

  • Technical Expertise: Technical verification of ladders, considering their overall condition, attachment, and stability, for safe use.
  • Detailed Report: Following each inspection, a detailed report is provided, documenting the condition of each piece of equipment and suggesting corrective actions if necessary.

Why Trust Réseau-Jade?

Benefit from the recognized expertise of a team certified by numerous manufacturers, with significant experience in various industrial and construction sectors. We are committed to responding promptly to all your requests, ensuring continuity in the safety of your operations.