Representatives of the 18 industry sectors can call on Réseau-JADE teams. Our expertise in industrial maintenance is recognized, whether it’s welding, electricity, cleaning, masonry, painting, roofing, or zinc work. Réseau-JADE aims to be a strong employer brand, which is why turnover is low and we can provide our clients with skills acquired through training and field experience. These proven skills allow us to be recognized for our efficiency in terms of speed and quality during emergency interventions. Our teams are renowned for their expertise in strengthening metal structures by major industrial players.

Brushing scraping, needle gun, hydro blasting, high-pressure cleaning, sandblasting on metal supports ST1 to ST4.
Painting or repainting on all surfaces.
Aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, mechanical/tile/ridge/canal/fibrocement tiles, steel sheet/galvanised/pre-coated roofing. Steel, aluminium, stainless steel welding.

The nuclear industry regularly calls on Réseau-JADE teams for their expertise, experience, and common safety culture. We are CEFRI certified and UTO qualified.
Our team, composed of permanent employees, is qualified for rope work and lifeline installation.

Work in confined spaces, near asbestos, lead, in FME zones, including hot thermal environments, with the wearing of specific ventilated clothing, are part of our skills.

We offer various industrial maintenance services.
The completeness of our offer allows us to support you on your construction sites through our training services, consulting support, and site supervision.



Whether in confined spaces or at height, whether calling on our skills in terms of maintenance, expertise, consulting, supervision, or training, our proven interventions and improvements based on over 24 years of experience have always served more safety and efficiency for general maintenance, painting, cleaning, welding, insulation, NDT of your installations.

Our MASE certification as well as additional training for our technicians (GIES, ANFAS, ATEX, ARI, SS4, etc.) enable us to support you in all your projects.

Our partnerships with leading petrochemical industries have allowed our teams to become experts in difficult access maintenance and fall protection installation.

Major players in the wind industry rely on Réseau-JADE’s professionalism. The expertise and experience of our rope access technicians ensure quality work, safely, for all our partners. Operators and manufacturers work hand in hand with us to continuously improve wind turbine installation and maintenance processes ON & OFF SHORE. Our intervention procedures are adapted to each stage of wind turbine life, regardless of model, size, and scope.

• Blade inspection and repair,
• Regulatory inspections,
• Welding
• Painting (anti-corrosion),
• Cleaning,
• Sealant replacement,
• Installation of fall protection and climbing aids,
• Drone inspection,
are among the many services we offer.

Our GWO training centres also welcome you for modules: Working at Height, First Aid, Fire Awareness, and Manual Handling.



Réseau-JADE teams are trained to intervene on all types of tertiary, hospital, or residential buildings.
Our professional expertise allows us to respond to your intervention requests related to masonry, electricity, roofing, cladding, painting, glazing, and welding.

Roof structure repair, gutters, downspouts.
Brushing-scraping, needle gun, hydro-blasting, high-pressure cleaning, and sandblasting.
High-voltage lines, relamping.

For 25 years, the main contractors for the maintenance and refurbishment of monuments and heritage buildings have relied on Réseau-JADE. The culture of the common good and the meticulousness of Réseau-JADE’s interventions have demonstrated our ability to intervene effectively on the roofs, facades, and foundations of the heritage buildings that have made the history of our country and our shared culture.

Hydro-blasting, lime masonry, stone cutting, repair and protection of stained glass, intervention on zinc, copper, slate roofing.