Certified safety :

2 versions of Ancravie (AN30 and AN45) are certified according to EN795 by APAVE.

Quality guarantee :

The tests confirm CETIM respective resistors 3 and 4.5 tonnes for AN30 and AN45 versions.
Patented design.


For all configurations :

Ancravie is compatible with all types of individual and collective protection (life line, individual anchors …).

Ancravie attaches to any type of support (structural steel, glulam beams, concrete slab …) by crossing roof or not (steel pan, asphalt shingles, synthetic membrane …).

All heights are possible on request.



Speed ​​of implementation:  :

Ancravie arises easily and quickly.  It allows a reduced opening of the roof, which does not require the installation of headers.

The seal is then simplified (current products Pipeco).

Ancravie is removable, as it is screwed on its base. This results in many advantages.